Storm Damage Testimonial

"Dallas had a F2 tornado come through and it did over $2 billion in destruction in some of the most exclusive area's in Dallas. My house was part of it doing over 300k worth of damage to my house, dropping an over 100 year old tree on 3/4 of my house.

The house was devastated and my insurance adjuster came out and told me I was going to probably be out of my house for 6 to 8 months.

I hired Building Better Homes to come out and they help me with my insurance adjuster and once we got things rolling and money Building Better Homes did a total re-build of my house in a record time 3 weeks and they were done with house and I was able to move back in after only being out of my house in 4 weeks. the house looks better than it did before the damage. I would highly recommend them

If you were also caught up in this Tornado, Building Better Homes can help you get back into your house in record time. They can repair your current house, or if it is beyond repair and needs to be torn down and rebuilt they can do that as well"

-Curtis Best